Your Mountain Remodel: Tips for a Successful Transformation

Sep 8, 2022 | Home Renovations

The view from your mountain property is breathtaking, but the building itself could use an upgrade. You’ve decided it’s time for a remodel, but you’re unsure where to start. 

At VPC Builders, we’ve started and completed our fair share of mountain remodels and have picked up numerous tips along the way. In this post, we’ll share what we think are some of the most important things that will assist you in achieving the beautiful mountain renovation of your dreams. So keep reading for some “peak” tips to ensure a successful project.

Starting a Mountain Remodel: A Whole New View

If you’re lucky enough to own a property with stunning mountain views, you know that they are one of the best aspects of living in a mountainous region. But did you know that with some strategic remodeling, you can make your property even better suited for enjoying those magnificent views?

Mountain Remodel Tip #1: Have a Plan

When you launch your mountain remodel, you’ve got to have a plan. What kind of look and feel are you hoping to achieve? How will the new changes affect your daily lifestyle? How much will your budget allow? 

You will also want to keep the local climate in mind when choosing materials and finishes. Something that looks great in the summer might not fare so well in the harsh winter months.

Once you have an idea of which direction you want to take your project, the other pieces will start falling into place. 

Mountain Remodel Tip #2: Go with the Flow

One crucial factor to consider when planning a mountain remodel is traffic flow. You want your floor plan to allow for easy and comfortable movement throughout the home. Unimpeded traffic flow is easily achieved by creating spacious hallways and doorways and avoiding obstructions in high-traffic areas. 

By thinking about how people will move through your property early on in the planning process, you can promote a smooth experience down the line!

Mountain Remodel Tip #3: Act Naturally

One of the great things about a mountain remodel is that there are so many ways to work with natural materials. From stone and wood to earth and plants, there are endless possibilities for creating a beautiful and unique space that feels at one with nature.

Choose materials that fit the environment. Stone and wood are both popular choices for mountain homes, but make sure to select varieties that will endure the harsh weather conditions typical in higher elevations.

Mountain Remodel Tip #4: Infuse with Views

When it comes to windows, bigger is better — and the more, the merrier! They allow plenty of natural light into your space (which is good for the soul … and your eyes) and potentially help you save on utility costs. They also provide an unobstructed view of your dazzling vistas.

You can play up the stunning views in a few key ways. Large windows allow you to take in all the surrounding natural beauty. If possible, opt for glass doors so you can step out onto your patio or deck and truly soak in the scenery.

Another great way to show off the inspiring scenery is by incorporating it into your décor. Using earth tones and patterns that reflect the mountainside will help create a seamless connection between indoors and out.

The Top Mountain Remodel Tip: Find the Right Builders

Our final and most valuable piece of advice is: Find a reputable full-service building firm, such as VPC Builders, that has extensive experience performing stunning home transformations.

You’ll also want to ensure that your builders are clear about your goals for the space. Do you want it to be more cozy or spacious? Are there technological upgrades you can take advantage of? Is there a dream room you’ve always wanted to create? Be certain before you start that the team you work with can meet or exceed your expectations.

At VPC Builders, we put respect, quality craftsmanship, and your satisfaction above all else. Contact us to receive a competitive quote and to find out how VPC can make your mountain remodel dreams a stunning reality.