Creating a Luxury Feel in Commercial Construction

Jun 25, 2024 | Commercial Construction

Commercial spaces should be about more than function. They should inspire, impress, and leave a lasting impression. Our commercial construction team enjoys integrating premium elements into our projects. Enhancing the experience doesn’t always require a higher cost. It stems from careful design and precise execution, integrating details that enhance users’ experience upon entering and utilizing the space.

We want to share some of our favorite premium details from recent projects. From the use of stunning natural materials to the incorporation of historically-inspired elements, we want to show you our unique and innovative approach to commercial general construction. These small touches can make a big impact on your own future project. 

Five Luxurious Details We Love From Recent Projects

Looking for inspiration for your own commercial space? Discover what we did for five recent projects and how we incorporated stunning details that made a huge difference in the final look. 

Chetola Resort: Modern Comfort, Rustic Charm

Chetola Resort gave us a unique opportunity to marry modern comforts with the resort’s trademark rustic charm. We did this by incorporating natural textures and locally sourced materials to create barn wood accent walls in guest living spaces. Using birch, oak, and hickory, these walls become a stunning focal point of the guest quarters. We accented the barn wood walls with popular bark window valances to complete the look. 

Sugar Ski & Country Club: A Royal Reception

First impressions matter, and Sugar Ski & Country Club wanted to ensure their reception space made a good one. We wanted this space to be elegant and sophisticated while also reflecting the beauty of the mountain surroundings. To achieve this, we used Norse stone throughout the reception area, pairing it with locally made custom cabinets. The final space is welcoming and warm and functions perfectly for staff and guests.  

815 King Street: New Life for a Historic Charmer

We were excited to take on the challenge of renovating this historic building in downtown Boone. One of our biggest tasks was renovating the facade, which required slow demolition of the existing facade. We then meticulously recreated the building’s earliest known look, working from historical records. We create a new brick and stone veneer with wood trim, bringing this beauty back to its original state. 

Ben & Jerry’s in Boone: Indulging Sustainably

We worked with store owners to create a fun and inviting atmosphere for ice cream lovers using eco-friendly materials. For example, we used recycled materials for the store’s bartop and ceiling tiles. We also incorporated reclaimed barn wood into the counter area, which adds warmth to the space and compliments the brand’s Vermont heritage. What we loved the most was the mural featuring the iconic Grandfather Mountain, beautifully framed in wood beams. 

VPC Builders: Branding With Biophilic Elements

Luxury isn’t just for client projects!We added a touch of elegance to our own renovation project by transforming an old metal building into our new company headquarters. One of our favorite details from the project is the row of six-foot-tall bamboo plants that greet you as you step into our lobby. The vibrant lime color of the bamboo perfectly matches the green in our logo, proving that you can brand a space with a beautiful, thoughtful design. 

VPC Builders Elevates Commercial General Construction Projects

Luxury shouldn’t be about excess. It should be about meticulously creating beautiful, inspirational, and thoughtfully designed spaces. These are the kinds of commercial spaces we love to build

If you are looking for a commercial builder who can bring elevated luxury to your projects, we’re here to collaborate with you every step of the way. We have a skilled team of builders who take immense pride in their work. We plan every part of the process to ensure your project is on time, within budget, and built to exceed your expectations. 

Are you ready to create an inspirational commercial space? Contact VPC Builders today, and let’s explore how we can build a luxury space for your brand.