Custom Home Remodeling: Renewed Spaces for Empty Nesters

Jun 18, 2024 | Home Renovations

Becoming an empty nester is a bittersweet feeling. You are proud of the adults your children have become and the life they are building for themselves, but you might also miss the daily chaos of having the kids all at home. It’s a unique chapter in your life when you suddenly have more freedom to rediscover everything you put aside to be a parent. 

It also gives you a chance to reimagine your home. 

Many people are choosing to stay in the family home even after their children have all grown. The emotional attachment to your neighborhood, the convenience of being close to work or friends, and the comfort of a home that still holds so many happy memories are all compelling reasons to stay. Instead of moving, you can remodel your home to suit this new chapter of life. Your home can be the same place you’ve loved for years, now reimagined for grandchildren, family gatherings, and your interests. 

Let’s explore how a well-planned renovation with a custom home remodeling company can transform your empty nest into a haven for relaxation, connection, and creating new memories. 

Reclaim Space by Redefining Rooms

With your children venturing out on their own, you may have extra space that can be repurposed for your changing needs. Reclaiming that space can give you more room for exploring your hobbies and interests. Imagine the possibilities, including: 

Turn a Playroom Into a Hobby Haven

Transform a playroom into a space where you can pursue your hobbies. Convert it into a bright, airy art studio, cozy reading room, or a soundproof music room where you finally have space to practice your instruments. 

Create a Dream Home Office

If you’ve been without a dedicated home office space, it’s time to turn a spare bedroom into a productive space. Create a beautiful workspace with built-in shelving, ample desk area, and a calm aesthetic that keeps you focused and on task. 

Get That Home Gym (Finally!)

Cancel your gym membership and create an at-home gym you can visit anytime. Equip it with the gear you need, and even add a dedicated bathroom with a walk-in shower.  

If you don’t have a spare room, talk to a custom home remodeling company about making your existing rooms more multifunctional. For example, a cleverly designed Murphy bed in a guest room can leave enough space for a gym or home office during the day. 

Creating Areas for Hosting Guests

Your empty nest probably won’t stay empty for long. Your home will likely become a favorite destination for your children and grandchildren. Give them a comfortable and welcoming space to stay. Here are some ideas that can transform old bedrooms into incredible guest suites. 

Guest Suite Sanctuaries

Turn their old bedroom into a home-away-from-home by making it a dedicated guest suite. Adding a private bathroom, spacious closets, and private sleeping and entertaining areas can make every visit relaxing and enjoyable. It can also give everyone the privacy and comfort they need. 

Built-In Bunk Bed for Grandkids

If your kids are now returning with children of their own, create a space just for them. Built-in bunk beds can be a fun, functional, and stylish way to add more sleeping areas to your home. You’ll give all the grandkids a space to bond and make memories about sleeping over at their grandparent’s house. It’s sure to become their favorite vacation destination. 

Our Custom Home Remodeling Company Can Help

Let’s make your home a space that reflects the newest chapter in your life. VPC Builders is more than a custom home remodeling company. We’re your partner for reimagining spaces and bringing new joy to your home. 

We’re ready to make your empty nest a renewed haven. Contact VPC Builders for a consultation. We want to learn more about your vision and tell you about our collaborative design process that can bring that vision to life. We can’t wait to make your home a place you love to live for many more years to come.