The Average Construction Time for a Commercial Building

Jul 25, 2022 | Commercial Construction

Commercial building projects take time, but not every project takes the same amount of time. A handful of variables affect a commercial building process, including:

  • The type of building materials necessary for the project
  • How long it will take to deliver those materials
  • How long it takes to obtain a permit
  • The location of construction’s year-round climate or weather

Generally, the average construction time for a commercial building project, from start to finish, falls between four and six months; however, that can vary greatly depending on the above factors and the construction manager and crew.

Find a Project Manager to Guide You Through the Process

It’s important to find a project manager who will guide you through the entire construction process for such a large project. Project managers will assume the role of planning, coordinating, and supervising the whole project:

  • Creating and maintaining a schedule
  • Determining construction costs and ordering supplies
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Obtaining building permits and licenses, among other things  

Additionally, project managers will be vital in navigating setbacks. When you begin meeting with a builder — hopefully, VPC Builders — make sure to ask them what their plan is in case of possible complications, such as:

  • Delay in obtaining permits
  • Engineering required such as soil, mechanical, electrical, or structural
  • Delay in obtaining materials 
  • Climate and weather setbacks 
  • Delays such as land studies, zoning determination letters, and other land use stipulations

Additionally, it is beneficial to discuss how their construction manager and crew ensure efficiency. You don’t want to start construction with a company that doesn’t focus on the most efficient and cost-effective plan. 

Know the Commercial Building Construction Process 

Commercial-sized building projects have many moving parts, and having a good understanding of the processes that go into these projects will ensure you are always aware of what stage your project is in. 

6 Common Building Stages

  • Development and planning 
  • Pre-design 
  • Design 
  • Pre-construction 
  • Construction 
  • Post-construction

Knowing when your construction team is in each of these phases will help you remain on top of your project! 

What Happens During Each Stage of Construction?

Development and planning: During this stage, you will work with your project and construction manager to decide on a location that will suit both the needs of the business or organization that the building is for and the physical requirements for construction as well as in conformance with any zoning, future land use, and critical area plans. Additionally, you and your project manager will lay out a schedule and budget during this stage.

Pre-design: This stage will work towards determining overarching goals and introducing the general contractor and architect — or a full-service construction company like VPC Builders.

Design: During the design phase the construction drawings will be finalized and budgeted and scheduled for. The design development will include communication with other professionals, such as structural, mechanical, electrical, and civil engineers.

Pre-construction: Depending on the type of project, there may be numerous building permits necessary to obtain before construction can begin. The project manager procures all materials and builds the construction team during the post construction phase.

Construction: The construction phase includes site preparation, foundation, framing, roofing, siding, interior, exterior, and landscaping.

Post-construction: After construction is complete, both you and your contractor will walk through the building to list any unsatisfactory construction elements that need to be resolved before the project is completed and given a substantial completion certificate.

The Average Construction Time for a Commercial Building is an Average

Remember, all projects are unique and take different amounts of time depending on what needs to be accomplished. It’s important to stay on schedule and budget but remember that your project will require the time it needs. Don’t cut corners at the expense of losing quality. Give your project the time it needs. 

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