Charlie and the VPC team did a wonderful job building our custom home. Matt and his Team were involved from day 1 with this multi-year project, beginning with the review of the site prior to purchase, recommendation of architects (and other service providers), review and comments on the proposed Plans and, of course, building the home. Matt and Charlie made time to answer questions and participate in design and construction meetings. Their knowledge of sound building practices, appropriate materials, proper building techniques and creative solutions to unanticipated issues were invaluable. Although the house is located near Blowing Rock, we were living out of state during the entire project, so we were very concerned with selecting a trustworthy, experienced and knowledgeable company – and VPC did not disappoint. Their ownership of the Project was tremendous; we would recommend them to anyone and would use them again. The project is now complete, and we have moved into the home, and Matt continues to follow up and proactively make sure our transition and home is the best it could be. They are to be commended on a “job well done”.