Home Decorating Tips for Any Room

Feb 7, 2017 | Other News, Updates

Thinking about decorating a room in your house?  Whether it be the kitchen, the living room or the master bedroom, almost all home décor and design can follow similar rules.  Here’s some decorating tips to help you get started with transforming any kind of room in your home.

  1. Don’t focus on the paint color first

VPC_MG_3695Focusing on paint color before decorating a room can really limit you in your choices down the road when you are searching for items that match or don’t clash.  Waiting till you have most of your décor already picked out can better help you pick a shade out of thousands of color choices.  Also, you can gauge how much light enters the room and how it will look in comparison to your décor.

Focal Point Decorating

  1. Create a focal point

Creating a focal point in a room can really bring a room together and give it direction.  Whether it be a mantel, lighting or a piece of art, your room’s focal point should make some kind of statement by drawing your eye to that specific piece.

  1. Avoid overcrowding a space with furniture

Decorating TipsA room with some air to breathe is much more welcoming than one crammed with furniture.  Doing so will help the flow of the room and invite others to spend there without feeling crammed or in the way.  Using less furniture also allows you to put more of a focus, both with your attention and budget on those few items that you really love.