Old House Renovation: Keep the Charm, Update Everything Else

Oct 27, 2022 | Home Renovations

When you first bought your home, what made you fall in love with it? Was it the woodwork — the original hardware — the floors? Write down everything you love about your home. Older houses have a sense of character and charm that newer ones sometimes lack. Once you know which parts of your home you want to preserve, the following steps become clearer. 

When you’re ready to move forward with the renovation, work with a contractor that gets it. At VPC Builders, we get it! Since we create custom homes that reflect a family’s unique personality, we understand the significance of that old home appeal. We can work with you to highlight your home’s history and make modernized conveniences a possibility.

Let’s dream big for your home and turn this old house renovation vision into reality. 

What to Keep? What to Change?

You know what you love about your home, but you wouldn’t be looking for a contractor if you love everything. Your next step is understanding the changes you want to make. And don’t hold back. Write it down! 

If you love your hardwood floors, but the color doesn’t match the new design you want, then let’s change it. Your job is to imagine a home that will work for you — our job is to help bring it to life. 

Dream Big for Your Old House Renovation

If you already know what you want, wonderful! Contact us so you can take those ideas from your mind and into your home. 

If you’re like most of us and want some design ideas, we have you covered. 

Idea #1 Include Discrete Storage Options

Families must have been minimalists years ago since most older homes have almost no storage options. If you like your home’s layout but are running out of storage options, we can build you a discrete solution. Between built-ins, custom cabinetry, or even a drop zone, we’ll work with you to find the right option for your home. 

Idea #2 Switch Up the Woodwork

We’re not talking about removing the crown molding or your hardwood floors. The craftsmanship that went into designing some of these beautiful pieces should be passed on to future generations. Instead, we can change the colors of those pieces.

Wood floors can be refinished with a new stain. And you could paint your crown molding a new color. We’ll work with you to select a shade you like that complements the home’s features. 

Idea #3 Add a Missing Room 

Many older homes didn’t include a master bath or a mudroom. And thanks to our team’s renovation experience and knowledge, we can design and build you a new room that looks like it was always part of the house. 

Idea #4 Update Window Designs 

We recommend this update because many older windows were single-panes, and updating to a double (or triple) pane glass will significantly improve your energy efficiency. If you love your window styles, then we can work with a manufacturer who can create a similar style window. 

Idea #5 Look Around Our Idea Book

Be inspired by some of our past projects that include everything from interior and exterior photos. 

Idea Book

VPC Builders: Contractors That Know and Honor a Home’s History  

At VPC Builders, we know many homes aren’t made like before. Which is why we’re here to change that fact. We look at each detail of a home and find what’s contributing to its character and what are outdated trends. We’re here to help you with your old house renovation, preserving the parts you love and modernizing the other areas.  

Share your needs and vision with us today!