Hotel Renovation for the Off-Season

Oct 24, 2023 | Commercial Renovations

Few things are as captivating as an old hotel. The rich history of these buildings is often what keeps people coming back. 

Still, fascinating though they might be, owners need to concern themselves with whether their hotels are functional, comfortable, and, above all, profitable. 

Is Your Hotel Starting to Look … Spooky?

Time takes its toll on all things, especially high-traffic locations. So, if your hotel is beginning to look fit for a Stanley Kubrick adaptation, the writing on the walls may spell a renovation for you. And, with the spookiest part of the year upon us, the off-season could be your perfect chance to get it done. Here’s how to make the most of your hotel renovation this fall.

Shining New Light Fixtures

Lighting is key to setting the tone throughout your hotel. Whether you want a warm, welcoming glow down in the lobby, a soothing ambient light in the guest rooms, or even a bright fluorescent gleam in the dining space, renovations are your chance to incorporate new lighting.

Different fixtures come with different advantages. If it’s been a long time since your last hotel renovation, consider modern additions that can improve your energy efficiency. Many smart lighting options use sensors and LEDs to reduce energy consumption. The right choice of lighting can make a subtle yet powerful difference in your guest experience.

A Maze of Interior Options

When it comes to interior hotel renovation, the possibilities are practically endless. From updated decor to reimagined layouts, a touch of modernity can make a big difference. After all, the interior is where your hotel really comes to life.

Fresh paint, new furnishings, and updated designs — whether stylishly vintage or purely modern — can all help to breathe new life into your hotel. Likewise, renovations present an opportunity to reconfigure rooms and suites to maximize your use of space, creating a more comfortable environment for everyone who passes through.

Don’t Overlook the Utilities

Efficiency is everything to a thriving hospitality business, especially when it comes to your bottom line. Hotel renovation is a chance to upgrade utilities for a more energy-efficient environment. Modern features like LED lighting and programmable thermostats can make things more comfortable while keeping energy costs down.

In the same vein, green technology like solar panels and energy-efficient HVAC systems can cut your utility bills while drawing favor from your more eco-conscious guests. With a substantial hotel renovation, you can upgrade technology, seal off drafts, improve insulation, and ultimately ensure a clean, affordable, and pleasant environment for everyone.

All Work and No Play Makes a Dull Hotel

Finally, let’s be sure to remember what your guests really want — a place to kick back and relax. To provide your guests with a truly unforgettable stay, consider this an opportunity to implement or update some purely recreational features in your facilities. There are ways to play to the natural strength of your hotel. For example, your location may determine whether you need an indoor or an outdoor pool.

Make yours a place where guests will want to stay forever and ever. Perhaps your hotel could host a game room with pool tables, a restaurant, and bar, or even a relaxing spa where guests can rest and rejuvenate. On top of entertaining guests, features like these can facilitate talk, spreading your hotel’s reputation through excited word of mouth.

Make Your Hotel Feel Like New With VPC Hotel Renovation

If your hotel is looking old and haunted, it’s time to make a lasting impact on visitors like never before. You’ll need the right team to give your hotel the makeover it deserves. Here at VPC Builders, our wealth of experience in custom building throughout our community has made us North Carolina’s most qualified team for commercial renovations. Together, we’ll keep your hotel shining like never before.

Happy renovating — and happy Halloween — from your friends at VPC.
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