Commercial Building Renovation Checklist

Oct 19, 2023 | Commercial Renovations

Ready to give your commercial space a fresh new look? Commercial building renovations have the potential to revitalize your property, draw in new customers, and enhance its overall value for the future. Whether you’re in the market to update your retail store, office, or restaurant, a successful transformation starts with a commercial building renovation checklist.

Building Your Checklist

While the process can be complex, North Carolina’s premier custom building team is ready to help. Here’s your step-by-step commercial building renovation checklist to help you navigate the world of commercial remodeling, and how partnering with experts like VPC Builders can make all the difference.

Step 1: Assess Your Needs and Goals

To ensure a successful renovation project, it’s important to start by clearly defining your needs and goals. Take a moment to reflect on the following:

  • What are the reasons behind your desire to renovate? Are you looking to create a more welcoming atmosphere, improve functionality, or enhance energy efficiency?
  • What specific goals do you have in mind? Are you looking to attract a larger customer base, enhance employee productivity, or lower operating expenses?
  • When you have a clear understanding of your motivations and constraints, it allows you to make better-informed decisions as you proceed with your project.

Step 2: Determine the Scope of Work

Now that you know why you’re renovating, the next step is to outline the scope of the renovations. Stop and consider exactly what may need to be changed in order to achieve your desired results. Here are some good places to start:

  • Areas of interest — Will your renovation focus on the interior, the exterior, or a mixture of both?
  • Structure — Are you planning on making any serious changes to the structure of the space, such as expanding it or adding partitions?
  • Aesthetics — How much of your renovation will focus on adjusting the look and feel of the space?
  • Mechanical — Can you perform any upgrades to enhance the efficiency of HVAC systems, plumbing, or electrical components?
  • Energy efficiency — Will you be including any energy-efficient features in your project, such as LED lighting, smart thermostats, or superior insulation?

Defining the scope is a vital initial step in your commercial building renovation checklist. Later on in the process, this will ensure your tasks — and, just as importantly, your budget — stay on track.

Step 3: Establish Your Budget

Speaking of your budget, this next step is a critical aspect of commercial building renovation. With careful consideration, draw up a practical budget that aligns with the scope of your project and your financial resources. You’ll want to account for things like:

  • Material costs — Building materials, fixtures, and finishes will all demand a portion of the budget.
  • Labor costs — The project will need some manpower, from architects to contractors to designers.
  • Contingencies — Make sure to set aside some emergency funds to ensure you have the resources to cover any unforeseen challenges.
  • Permits and fees — Include expenses for obtaining permits and navigating regulatory requirements.

Sound complicated? It can be, without some industry expertise. That’s why the next item on our checklist is absolutely essential.

Step 4: Hire Your Professionals

If you don’t have any personal experience in commercial contracting, then it’s time to bring in the experts — the sooner, the better. Your building team will help you navigate the complexities of your project, so choosing the right people is essential. Your team might include:

  • Contractors — It’s important to select a reliable contractor with ample experience in building for your kind of location.
  • Designers — Collaborate with an interior designer or architect to plan the layout, structure, and visual elements for future success.
  • Tradespeople — Depending on your scope, you may need to bring in skilled tradespeople such as electricians, plumbers, and HVAC specialists.
  • Project manager — Your project manager is the person who will keep your project moving on time and on budget.

Legitimate building expertise is crucial, protecting you from expensive and time-consuming mistakes. If you’re part of our local community here in North Carolina, reach out to VPC Builders to meet the area’s most qualified team.

Step 5: Obtaining Permits

Next, make sure to obtain all the required permits and approvals from local authorities before beginning the actual construction. It is crucial to ensure compliance with building codes and regulations. Your team of building professionals can help you navigate this process to ensure you’re not missing any essential information.

Step 6: Construction and Execution

With your plans in place and your permits in hand, it’s finally time to get started with your renovation project properly. The project manager will take charge of coordinating the work, making sure that everything runs smoothly. It’s vital to maintain open communication with your team throughout the process. This way, you’ll be kept in the loop on any developments, roadblocks, or progress updates.

Step 7: Completion and Final Walkthrough

After all the necessary inspections and quality checks have been completed, it’s finally time for the big walkthrough. Now’s your chance to sit down with your contractors and designers and carefully review the completed project. Take this time to make sure that every little detail matches up with your vision and goals. Once you have given your approval, you will be able to officially open your newly renovated commercial space for the public to enjoy.

Complete Your Commercial Building Renovation Checklist with VPC

Commercial building renovation can be an overwhelming process, especially if you’re new to the practice. That’s where VPC Builders comes in. Our team of experts has vast experience in commercial construction, especially in our local area. We’ll be happy to guide you through your project to address all your needs. 

Ready to give your commercial space the transformation it needs? If you’re looking for the best commercial building renovation services in the industry, VPC is here to help.
Complete your commercial building renovation checklist with North Carolina’s experts. Contact VPC Builders today.