Smart Home Technology in New Residential Construction

Mar 21, 2024 | Residential Construction

Technology is an integral part of our daily lives in ways we may not always consciously realize. It’s built into the very walls of the places we work, rest, and play. As a result, homeowners are looking for ways to customize their homes with technology, and custom home builders have adapted accordingly.

In this blog, we’ll explore the basics of the smart home revolution, as well as some of the ways these innovative technologies are shaping the field of new residential construction.

The Rise of Smart Homes

Though once an item of science fiction, smart homes are quickly becoming a common reality in today’s housing market. There are a range of technologies that have made this possible, from interconnected surveillance cameras to smart thermostats to automated lighting systems. 

With the integration of mobile technology, many of these smart home systems are simpler to use than ever, with all systems converging in a single, convenient interface: the homeowner’s own smartphone. Here are just a few of the ways these technologies can improve your new home:

Comfort and Convenience

If there’s any place where your personal comfort should come first, it’s your own home. New residential construction — especially of the custom variety — is the chance to elevate convenience with features like automated temperatures and customized lighting schedules. 

Imagine a home that adapts to suit your comfort without you having to lift a finger. That’s the striking reality of smart home integration in your custom home.

Improved Energy Efficiency

On top of revolutionizing convenience, smart home technology is also the perfect opportunity to reduce the long-term carbon footprint of any new residential construction project.

While smart thermostats mitigate strain on HVAC systems by regulating temperatures, smart lighting systems can preserve power usage for any rooms not currently in use. The result is more efficient expenditure and, ultimately, a reduced environmental impact of your home.

Superior Security

Another key advantage of smart home technology is the substantial improvement of home security measures. With integrated security technology such as front door cameras, smart door locks, and outdoor lighting systems, homeowners can rest knowing their houses are safe from intruders at all hours of the day.

While many homeowners choose to overlook these inclusions during the initial construction, many of them later choose to integrate them anyway. At VPC Builders, we believe that a proactive approach is the ideal path for safety-conscious homeowners. In short, sooner is better when it comes to your safety.

New Residential Construction With VPC Builders

The most forward-thinking teams in new residential construction are the ones who have chosen to embrace the possibilities that smart home technology has to offer. That’s why we here at VPC Builders are committed to providing new and prospective owners of custom homes with the most advanced features the industry has to offer.

For decades, we’ve been the Carolinas’ most trusted name in custom building, and we plan to light the way for decades to come. 

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