Buying a New Construction Home

Jul 25, 2022 | New Construction

Buying a new construction home can take a lot of work, but it’s always worth it the moment you first walk through your front door. All your patience and perseverance transform into exhilaration and euphoria. 

From choosing a floor plan to adding a sun porch and a three-door garage, buying a new home enables you to design and customize your dream home exactly how you want it. But a lot more goes into building a new construction home. Here are a few essential things to remember as you begin your dream home journey!

Pick Out Your Location

To have a dream home, you need to start with a dream location. Maybe Sugar Mountain, Watauga Lake, or the suburbs of Boone, NC. Knowing where you want to build is essential to estimating what size plot you will be building on. You need to know this before you choose a floor plan.

It’s also a good idea to go to the area you are thinking of building in and explore a bit. Talk to some locals and get a feel for the community. Do some research on the area’s school district; entertainment and recreational places; the distance to work, the grocery store, and businesses for your everyday needs. This will give you a better feel if this is the area you want to invest in.

Plan Out All the Details Before Building Begins

Why do new builds commonly end up taking longer than anticipated and go over budget? Often because of changes made after construction has commenced. 

To stay on the timeline, it is essential to sit down and work through all the details you want in advance. While making sure your home is designed to your every need is important, post-building changes will acquire more costs than if those changes were planned before construction began. Whether that’s an extra bathroom downstairs; an open common area; or recessed lighting in the kitchen, having all the details laid out in advance ensures timely, efficient, and cost-effective building, benefiting everyone.

Establish a Budget and Keep Record of Your Expenses 

It is easy to increase your final price tag by adding numerous customizations when buying a new construction home. To avoid that end of construction price tag shock, establish your maximum budget before you begin building. Keep a detailed record of what customizations you are adding and how much they cost in addition to your base cost. 

Be prepared to prioritize the layout and features of your new home design to stay on budget. Maybe the three-car garage is negotiable, but the additional bathroom is not. You can change your mind before construction if you keep a close tab on your overall price; however, after construction begins, changes will likely increase your total costs.

Understand the Permit Process

Obtaining a building permit is essential for all new construction projects, and each building permit is unique to the project and location. It is vital to make sure you have ironed out all the details of buying your new construction home. Making changes after construction has begun may require different building permits or re-submission and approval, potentially delaying your project by a few more weeks.

Obtaining a new building permit could take up to 20 days, and construction may need to come to a halt to accommodate the changes made to the plan. 

Where Will You Live During Building?

Are you selling your old home to move into your dream home? This is just another reason why staying on schedule is so important. You do not want to sell your old home to be unable to move into your dream home.

Building a new construction home takes a good chunk of time. Depending on the customization options, the timespan between laying the foundation to finishing up light fixtures and other final details takes six months to two years. 

When making a schedule for your new construction home, it’s a good idea to plan to complete your dream home a few months before you plan to sell your old home. 

Benefits of Buying a New Construction Home

While it is a lot of work, the feeling you get when you walk into your completed dream home for the first time is worth every second of work poured into buying your new construction home. So, with all that new information on buying a new custom home, take a moment to relax by reading about all the benefits of designing your dream home.

  • It is your dream home with every detail just the way you want it.
  • It’s exactly where you want it.
  • All that’s left is moving in — you’ll have less maintenance with your brand new home.
  • You’ll have the latest technologies at your fingertips.

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