All About Deck Remodels

Oct 17, 2022 | Home Renovations

If you have a deck attached to your home, you know what a perfect spot it can be for barbecues, socializing with your friends and family, or relaxing with a refreshing drink. 

Decks, however, are frequently overlooked as a potential renovation project. Being outdoors exposes decks to a significant amount of wear and tear. Decks require a fair amount of maintenance and even replacement over time, and if you have plans to do any deck remodeling, it’s helpful to know what options are available.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s involved in deck remodels and explore the possibilities for your next deck renovation project. 

Upgrade Your Deck Boards

Most decks, especially older ones, are made of durable, natural wood such as redwood or cedar which tend to resist rot and insect damage. However, composite decking has become the most popular choice for building decks because the material lasts longer — typically twice as long as natural wood — and resists fading, mold, and rotting. 

Maintenance on composite deck material is easier, too. It doesn’t need to be sanded or refinished; just clean it with regular soap and water. 

While composite decking is more costly than wood, its durability, longevity, and easy maintenance are worth the expense. This deck remodel involves replacing most or all of the existing wood and hardware, giving you a brand-new deck that you can enjoy for years — if not decades — to come.

Expand Your Deck

If you’d like a bit more space to enjoy your outdoor activities, expanding your deck may be your best option. And if your existing deck is already in pretty good shape, you’ll be able to complete your deck remodel for a lot less money. 

The design options for expanding your deck are limited only by the space in your yard and your budget. Many homeowners simply add a platform to their existing deck, often with a step down. Others have gone the extra mile by wrapping their deck around one or more walls of their house, giving them additional space and views. 

To do this remodel project properly, you’ll need to hire a contractor who knows how to combine the old with the new in a way that’s secure and visually appealing. Most jurisdictions require a permit for this type of work, so check with your local municipality for rules and regulations.

Screen in Your Deck

You can add value and versatility to your home by framing, roofing, and screening your deck (either partially or completely). Screened decks give you the opportunity to fully enjoy your deck in just about any weather as well as enjoy a bit more privacy. 

If your deck already has a roof or overhang, you’re already halfway there. You can simply staple screen fabric to the posts of your deck beneath the roof and install a doorway or two. However, we strongly recommend consulting with a contractor to ensure your screening project is done safely and adequately. 

If your deck does not have a roof in place, then a remodel that includes screening will be more of a complete renovation than merely adding screen material. Again, consult a professional if you want it done right. (And, rest assured, you do!)

Adding Safety Features to Your Deck

Depending on the age of your deck, you may be in need of a few upgrades to ensure that everyone who enjoys your deck (including you!) will remain safe. At VPC Builders, we consult with certified engineers to ensure the complete safety of every deck remodeling project. 

Deck remodeling for safety can reduce or eliminate costly injuries and accidents.Remodeling your deck for safety can include:

  • Installing more secure footing, especially if the deck is old or seems unstable. This process involves adding temporary supports while the improvements are being made. Then the builder digs new holes (typical building codes call for a minimum of 16” wide and 36” deep) and pours tubes and concrete for the posts. 
  • Rebuilding any components that are deemed not secure. For example, if the posts don’t support the deck’s beams, then new posts need to be installed. Rusty parts, insufficient load connectors, broken balusters, and wood rot can all be reasons for remodeling your deck. 
  • Adding or replacing handrails, especially along stairs.
  • Adding or replacing sufficient lighting to your deck. Not only does better lighting create a safer deck area, but it also goes a long way in beautifying your space. 

Contact VPC Builders for Your Deck Remodel

As the contractor for dozens of custom homes that include a wide variety of decks, VPC Builders has the experience and knowledge for constructing decks from scratch as well as repairing and renovating them. 

Contact us today to ask any questions and get an estimate for your deck remodel. 

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