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Dec 22, 2022 | Custom Home

Are you a resident of North Carolina dreaming of your next home? If so, you’re probably already considering your options. You could always search the market for your ideal home, but why spend the time and money just to settle on “good enough”? 

You may have already considered building custom, but like so many others, decided that it was just too much effort. We here at VPC Builders are pleased to tell you this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

As a trusted leader among Western North Carolina Home Builders, VPC Builders knows the craft and its obstacles better than anyone. With our team of experienced experts to guide your way, building a custom home in Western North Carolina has never been easier. All it takes is a little elbow grease and a team guided by our three essential virtues: honesty, transparency, and open communication. 

Benefits of Building Custom with VPC Builders

Americans have been building homes of all shapes and sizes for a long time. You’ve probably seen your share of them on the market — dozens of homes with endless variety — none of which, unfortunately, quite meet the picture in your head. Everybody knows that a new home is an investment, but with all of the uncertainty, how can you be sure your investment will pay off? Here’s a few things you can count on when you build custom.

Long-Term Cost Effectiveness

By building custom, you can be sure about the money you’re investing in your new home: no unforeseen maintenance costs, no pricy renovations, and no long-overdue appliance updates. 

Customizability for Your Family

When you build your own home, you put the control back in your hands. You can tailor your home to suit the needs of your family, rather than changing your lifestyle to fit the space.

Specificity of Materials, Energy, and More!

Beyond the dimensions of the space itself, you get to decide on the details of your custom-built home. There’s no need to settle on sub-quality materials or outdated energy features in a home for the modern day. These are only the beginning of the choices that open up when you choose to undertake a custom home building project. Trust your new home to the premier contractor of Western North Carolina Home Builders to see your dream become a reality.

Why VPC is the Highest Quality in Western North Carolina Home Builders

It all comes down to the three principles that define VPC Builders as a business: honesty, transparency, and open communication. When you’re looking for your ideal choice in home builders, you need to know that the company you’re trusting with your home will have your back. There’s a reason why VPC Builders is a trusted leader in homebuilding for the Western North Carolina area: our extensive experience, flexibility, and capability speak for themselves. Just see our awards and testimonials

Our Specialized Process for Custom Builds at VPC

VPC Builders has a tried-and-true process for custom homebuilding. Plenty of North Carolina residents have enjoyed their home building experience with us before, and so can you! Here’s how our process goes:

Step One: Discover Your Vision

First, consider your needs, your goals, and your dreams for your brand-new home. What kind of environment do you want to create? How should it feel to those who walk in the door? Are there any outlandish ideas you’re afraid to write down? Add those too.

Step Two: Talk It Over With Us

Together, we’ll lay out your ideas in detail. At this stage, we’ll help you finalize your vision, see your limitations, and set your goals. You may be surprised what kind of “far-fetched” ideas can be made a reality with the right team behind you.

Step Three: Draw Plans for Success

Now that we’ve figured out the “what,” we can get to figuring out the “how.” With our wealth of experience and hard-earned wisdom, we’ll provide you with an accurate estimate and help you decide on your ideal budget and timeline. 

Step Four: Construct Your Dream

For you, this last step will be the easiest part. Leave the heavy lifting to us! Based on the plan and schedule we create, we’ll build your new home to your specifications. We look forward to seeing the look on your face when you step into your dream home for the first time. 

The Western North Carolina Home Builders for Your Needs

When it comes to an investment as weighty as your next home, you need to know who you can trust. VPC Builders is prepared to be your go-to choice in Western North Carolina Home Builders. 

Make the choice that takes the weight off your shoulders and puts the power in your hands. Choose to pursue your dream of a brand-new, custom home today. 
Contact us today to see how VPC Builders can help you plan your future.