Appalachian State University

Renovation in Boone, NC

Project Details

VPC Builders completed two projects on the campus of Appalachian State University. The first project focused on reconstructing Academy street into a pedestrian walkway. The walkway is constructed with stamped asphalt with a paint finish to resemble bricks. The walkway also included concrete bands to ensure a straight design pattern and to make the street visually appealing.

Academy Street caps the Greek Plots project. What was once a gassy lot is now the home to a beautiful dedication site. The Greek Plots project was completed in dedication to the Greek life on Appalachian’s campus. The plot is home to 9 granite capped columns that are home to a sorority or fraternity seal. A rock retaining wall creates a back drop for the columns with a bench marking the entrance. This new space allows students a beautiful place to congregate while honoring a long line of Greek life involvement.