Modernize Your Business With Commercial Remodeling

May 21, 2024 | Commercial Renovations

The space that houses your business is a direct reflection of your brand, good or bad. If that reflection feels worn out or dated, it might be time to invest in commercial remodeling services

Commercial renovations could be anything from new paint to a complete facelift of your property’s interior and exterior. How much you do to your space will depend on your goals, budget, and property condition. 

But the results are worth the expense. When your commercial property more accurately reflects your brand, it sends a positive first impression to potential customers. It can even positively affect your team, making them more productive and reducing their sick days. A renovation pays off long term, too, as modernized commercial properties will bring in top dollar on the rental and resale markets and could be less expensive to maintain over time. 

What does it take to make your old commercial space feel bright and new again? Here are five ideas for modernizing your business with commercial remodeling services.  

5 Ways Commercial Remodeling Services Can Upgrade Your Space 

When you are ready to unlock the potential hidden in your commercial space, it can be challenging to know where to start. Here are five ideas that can help spark your imagination and get you dreaming about what your dream commercial space might look like. 

Natural Lighting for a Brighter, More Inviting Space

Natural light is a powerful design tool. Incorporating more natural light into your space can make it feel more welcoming. You can do this by installing new windows or skylights. If you want a quicker and easier solution, an interior designer can help you incorporate light shelves into your design. These architectural pieces bounce natural light further into a space, making it brighter. All this natural light is excellent for your aesthetic but also reduces energy costs. 

Mix and Match Finishes for a Modern Touch

Beige used to be the mainstay solution for commercial spaces. Beige walls, beige floors, beige furniture. Those days are gone. Modern designs embrace a combination of textures and materials. That might mean leaving an exposed brick wall, adding sleek metal furniture mixed with warm wood tones, and polishing a concrete floor. Playing with different materials brings more depth and interest to your space. It will feel more dynamic and exciting than pale sand.

Sustainable Features for a Greener Future

Sustainability is a major focus of modern design these days. If you’re using commercial remodeling services, this is a good time to invest in your business’s sustainable future. Incorporate eco-friendly elements into your renovation, such as energy-efficient lighting and appliances, low-flow plumbing, or locally sourced materials. This is all good for the environment but can also be great for reducing your operating expenses long-term. 

Build Workflows Into Your Space

Optimizing your physical space can help you optimize your productivity. This means eliminating wasted space and making sure each area serves a purpose. That might involve creating dedicated collaboration zones, incorporating flexible furniture solutions, or maximizing storage spaces. Every square inch of your commercial space should serve a purpose and support the way your team works. 

Design for All the Senses

The visual aesthetics of a commercial space matter, but don’t ignore the rest of your senses. Consider how you can engage all five senses. For example, you might incorporate more plants and natural materials to improve the air quality. Water features can bring in calming sounds, or you might bring in scents to subtly enhance moods and brand experience.

Let VPC Builders Create a Space That Reflects Your Brand

A commercial remodel is an opportunity to create a space that reflects your modern brand aesthetic and values. VPC Builders is passionate about working with businesses that want to transform tired spaces into something new. We don’t just follow trends. We work closely with each client to understand their unique vision, brand personality, and operational needs. 

When you are ready to transform your commercial space, contact VPC Builders. We want to learn more about your vision and explore how we can help bring it to life.