The Fundamental Factors of Commercial Building Design

Feb 23, 2023 | Commercial Construction

A team as experienced as VPC Builders has seen just about every kind of project under the sun, but there are few things as thrilling as the opportunity for a brand-new, commercial building design. Because businesses are so varied, designs for their facilities tend to vary greatly as well. In many ways, commercial building design is where we find the most interesting and fulfilling challenges among our long list of successful projects.

Commercial Building Design with VPC Builders

Commercial building design can be a complex process involving a series of essential steps. In order to finalize a successful design, it’s important to consider the different factors involved, such as function, aesthetics, and sustainability. 

At VPC Builders, we understand the importance of designing with a purpose. In this blog post, we’ll share some of the most important factors to consider with commercial building design. With a better understanding of commercial building and its complexities, you’ll see how VPC’s custom building services can help you achieve the best possible results for your construction needs.


The thing to consider first and foremost in a commercial building design is the intended purpose of the facility. Because companies are so varied across the countless potential fields of business, there’s really no limit to the way a commercial building may look. But by allowing form to follow function, we can be much more effective at creating the perfect design. 

Things like size, layout, building materials, and location will all vary greatly depending on the needs of the business. A restaurant, for example, may require an emphasis on ergonomics and specialized storage. An indoor pool, on the other hand, will require special materials for waterproofing and a wealth of physical space. 

Whether the building will be a restaurant, a warehouse, a gym, or any other kind of facility, VPC Builders has the resources and expertise to build the perfect place for the job.


As we mentioned, it’s important to allow form to follow function in any successful commercial building design. But that doesn’t mean the form can’t look good at the same time. 

While the visual aesthetics of a place may be more important to some businesses than others (a clubhouse as opposed to a warehouse, for example), we here at VPC Builders will never waste a chance to make a building beautiful. 

There are so many options to consider when crafting the aesthetics of a commercial building design. Everything from architectural style to building materials may come into play. Will your restaurant be a classic and sophisticated steakhouse, or perhaps a rustic and casual seafood shack? Will your recreation center be a warm and cozy ski lodge, or a cool, industrial sports arena? 

When you partner with VPC Builders, the options are endless.


More than ever before, the demand for sustainability is at the forefront of custom building efforts. But the desire for a greener property — and a greener future — doesn’t stop at custom homes. Businesses are beginning to understand the value — both ecological as well as economical — of sustainable building. Sustainable commercial facilities are better for the environment and can also help businesses drastically reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint.

As the premier custom builders of North Carolina, VPC has the infrastructure and resources to optimize any commercial building for modern sustainability. From easily-renewable building materials to advanced, energy-efficient technology, there are dozens of sustainable options for your commercial building design. 


If there’s one single reason to work with a custom builder above all others, it may be the opportunity for collaboration in your commercial building design. Custom contractors like VPC Builders aren’t restricted by the same limitations as most traditional builders.

While you may have otherwise had to pick from a small selection of building options with another contractor, VPC Builders can offer you a central part in the ideation and planning for your new business facilities.

When you choose to partner with VPC Builders, you make your vision a priority. No matter the scope of the project, your role as a collaborator will remain consistent. We want your input throughout the process to ensure the outcome meets — and exceeds — your expectations.


Customization is a vital factor for consideration when you work with a custom builder. With VPC Builders, your commercial building design is subject to a variety of customization options, all depending on the needs of your business and the specifics of your vision. 

With a team of expert builders as experienced as we are, there’s a whole lot more we can do beyond the common constraints of commercial building. Partner with us to guide you through the process.

Envision Your Custom Building Design with VPC Builders

Commercial building design is a complex process that requires a focus on functionality, aesthetics, sustainability, and collaboration to make your dream a reality. 

Here at VPC Builders, we consider all of these factors with the eye of an expert to provide you with the highest quality service and the best possible result. Whether you’re looking to build a new commercial space or renovate an existing one, trust VPC to bring your vision to life. 

Want to learn more about commercial building design? Contact VPC Builders today!