5 Commercial Building Roof Types

Aug 8, 2023 | Commercial Construction

The roof of a commercial building is more than just a protective covering — it’s a canvas for architectural creativity and innovation. When it comes to custom building projects, there are various commercial building roof types to choose from. Each one comes with its own unique advantages and adds a touch of visual appeal to the overall design of your space. 

With so many options available, what type of roofing can provide the most benefit to your business? In this article, the experts at VPC Builders will give you a crash course on five of the most popular commercial building roof types and the advantages that come with each.

1. The Flat Roof: Simple, Elegant, and Cost Effective

Flat roofs are a long-standing staple of roofing in the commercial building industry. With their sleek and streamlined appearance, these roofs embody modern elegance, making them a popular option for those seeking a contemporary aesthetic.

Despite their name, flat roofs are not entirely flat. They are typically designed with a minor slope for water drainage. These roofs offer a highly practical solution for businesses, as they create an open space for equipment installation or leisure areas. Easy maintenance and cost-effectiveness have made flat roofs one of the leading choices in commercial building roof types.

2. The Pitched Roof: Charming Visuals with Storage Space

Gable roofs, commonly referred to as pitched roofs, have a way of capturing a timeless charm and homey atmosphere. This design features two gently sloping sides that come together at a ridge, making it an easy choice for various commercial buildings, from retail stores to offices.

Pitched roofs have been used for a very long time — in addition to looking great, they also offer highly efficient drainage capabilities. One of the notable advantages of these structures is the additional space they create for an attic or storage room, which can free up more functional space in the property below.

3. The Hip Roof: Stability and Architectural Grace

Hip roofs take center stage when it comes to stability and wind resistance. Of all the potential commercial building roof types, hip roofs are ideal for larger buildings, churches, and schools.

These roofs are distinguished by their four sloping surfaces, which come to a single point. This design makes them perfect for places that tend to experience harsh weather conditions. Beyond their basic functionality, hip roofs offer a certain architectural elegance that brings unique character to any commercial building.

4. The Shed Roof: Sleek, Minimal, and Modern

If you’re someone who appreciates a minimalist aesthetic but also wants a touch of contemporary flair, the shed roof is a great option to consider. Shed roofs have a uniquely minimal design: a single sloping surface whose incline can vary based on the needs of the structure. This design creates a sleek and uncluttered look on most commercial buildings.

The design of the shed roof complements the sleek lines and geometric shapes commonly seen in contemporary commercial buildings. Architects and designers value shed roofs for their creative potential, using them as a blank canvas to explore unconventional angles and asymmetry.

5. The Gambrel Roof: A Spacious Touch of Character

Gambrel roofs are among the most recognizable of commercial building roof types, evocative of traditional barn roofs. Characterized by two slopes on each side, this roof option presents a compelling blend of functionality and character.

Gambrel roofs offer the advantage of extra headroom and the potential for additional storage space inside the building. At the same time, the homey design can add a valuable hint of nostalgic charm to commercial spaces, all while making the most of the building’s interior possibilities.

Discover More Commercial Building Roof Types with VPC

The design of a commercial building’s roof is crucial in shaping its visual identity, functionality, and overall success as a business location. Fortunately, your choices in commercial building roof types are numerous when you work with a custom builder.

Here at VPC Builders, we’re committed to top-notch craftsmanship, creative design, and tailored solutions. We believe that your commercial roof should serve more than a practical purpose — it should contribute to the overall beauty of your architectural project.

Discover the best commercial building roof types for you. Contact VPC Builders today.