Build on Your Lot: Your Property, Your Vision

Jan 26, 2023 | Residential Construction

The ins and outs of custom home building are a whole world unto themselves. It can be challenging to navigate when you’re undertaking your first custom building project. 

Luckily, you’ve already found the premier custom building company in the southeast. Of all the local contractors, VPC Builders has the expertise, experience, and ingenuity to make your dream for your custom home or business facilities a reality.

“BOYL” is a term in the industry that you may hear time and again over your custom building journey. It stands for “Build On Your Lot,” and there are a few good reasons this matters for you. Among custom builders, a Build On Your Lot project is a golden opportunity.

Why a Build On Your Lot Project Makes Sense

Whether you’re looking for a custom builder for your new home or laying the groundwork for a brand-new business facility, there are a few great reasons to have an empty lot at the ready first. We call this a Build On Your Lot project.

In these scenarios, having a piece of land purchased and set aside for the project before initiating the building process can afford you a variety of benefits. These benefits range from improved personalization to saving time and money. 

For custom builders like VPC, it’s an excellent opportunity to stretch our legs and show what we can really do. Here are some of our favorite reasons to build on your lot:

Ideal Location

As you may have guessed, building on property you already own comes with the added convenience of having already chosen a location you like. While this may seem obvious, a factor as simple as location can make all the difference for the intended result of your project.

Suppose it’s a new, custom home you’re building. In that case, a hand-picked location means your preferred amenities are well within reach: build your home close to the best schools in the community, your favorite local grocery store, or simply the part of town you find most comfortable. If it’s a new commercial facility, you can take into consideration your target market to position your business’ location for success.

Likewise, if your custom building project is meant to support your commercial efforts, the placement of your business location will be critical to your company’s success. When you build on your lot, you won’t be as limited by the locations that happen to be offered to you. Your lot means your decision.

Improved Customization

In the same spirit, there’s a lot to be said about the level of personalization you can achieve with your custom building project. A Build On Your Lot project adds a new dimension to what you’re able to do; it means you won’t be as limited by pre-existing plans or designs.

Depending on the size, shape, and topography of your selected lot (which you’ve probably already considered and found satisfactory), the model of your new home or workplace may be subject to more freedom. If you want to go big, go big! After all, the land belongs to you.

Cost Savings

While the cost of your actual construction will vary depending on your plans and preferences, a Build On Your Lot project has a good chance of saving you money in the long run. Getting an early start on the property before the building process is underway could give you access to better prices, especially if you make your purchase during a presale period.

On the other hand, purchasing a lot at the time of construction may put you in a time crunch, effectively cutting your access to the breadth of choices and savings available to you beforehand. So if you’re considering a custom building project, consider buying sooner and building later. Hold onto your lot long enough, and there’s a good chance it will appreciate in value as well.

Time Investment

Much like a Build On Your Lot project can improve your chances of saving money, it may also help to reduce your overall time investment. By purchasing your desired lot ahead of time, you (and your custom builder) will be able to take your time planning and designing the new building without feeling pressured to rush the process.

An added bonus to this benefit: additional time for planning means you’ll be able to fine-tune your custom home or commercial facility to your specific vision. With the help of an expert team like VPC Builders, you’ll be astounded by what can be accomplished with a little extra time.

Increased Flexibility

Finally, going BOYL with your custom building project can improve the flexibility with which it may be planned and completed. When you build on your lot, you allow some breathing room for your project’s overall timeline. Every project has its obstacles, regardless of whether it’s for a residential or commercial location. While the extra planning time can help you reduce those obstacles, the improved flexibility will help you to overcome them promptly when they arrive. 

Build On Your Lot with VPC Builders

If you’re toying with the idea of a brand-new, custom home or commercial facility, consider how you can pave the way by procuring your ideal piece of land ahead of time. When you build on your land, you set yourself — and your trusted custom builder — up for success. Allow VPC Builders to walk you through your BOYL project. Your property, your vision!
Want to learn more about Build On Your Lot projects for residential and commercial locations? Contact VPC Builders today to speak to the experts.