Exterior Home Renovations to Do This Summer

Jul 27, 2022 | Home Renovations

Summertime is the best time to tackle those exterior home renovations you have been hoping to do. The warmer weather and longer days make summer an excellent opportunity to accomplish some outdoor home renovations and additions. 

There are endless exterior home renovations to spruce up the exterior of your home with a new patio, a roof replacement, or even a contrasting brick wall. 

Decks, Patios, Porches

Renovate your home to entertain with a new deck, patio, or front porch. Decks and patios enable you to enjoy the simplicity of life in an outdoor living space. 

Decks and patios can vary in material and style, allowing you to express your style with this affordable addition. Consider some of these deck and patio ideas:

  • A traditional cedar wraparound deck
  • A detached, checkerboard patio in a wooded area out back 
  • An attached composite deck with an overhead for a living or kitchen area
  • A multilayer deck connecting the upstairs and downstairs with outdoor living space

You can customize your deck or patio endlessly to meet your exterior home renovation vision. VPC Builders will sit down with you to discuss and draw designs for the deck or patio of your dreams. 

Roof and Window Replacements

Sometimes summer calls for required renovations — for instance, roof and window replacement. Roof replacements can be necessary due to lost or broken shingles, moss or mold growing, leaking, or rotting roof sheathing. Window replacement can be necessary if your windows no longer seal or are experiencing decay or water damage. You should eliminate these problems as soon as possible to prevent future problems. 

VPC Builders can make your roof and window replacements a breeze. While you’re at it, spruce up your windows with a fresh coat of paint on your shutters. 

Masonry Detail 

Develop the character of your home by adding exterior masonry work to a section. For example, outline the front door or enhance a side wall with stone to add a sturdy and beautiful appearance to your house. Masonry enhancements can create a beautiful contrast to any home’s exterior.

VPC Builders are experts in masonry work and have worked with both ashlar and rubble masonry. 

New Fencing 

Enhance your yard by adding fencing. Fencing can help to create a finished look to your landscaped yard, create a distinction between your and your neighbor’s yard, or simply create more privacy. 

Different types of fencing vary in spacing, material, and shape, each giving your yard a unique feel. VPC Builders offer professional fence products and installation for any home. 

Restoration Projects

While one of the more significant and time-consuming exterior home renovations, restoration projects restore the livelihood your home once had. Natural stressors of your home’s environment, commonly the sunlight and changing weather, cause buildings to deteriorate and break down. 

VPC Builders offers restoration services to restore the infrastructure of your adored home to the verdure it once boasted. 

Endless Exterior Home Renovations 

VPC offers a wide range of exterior renovations to help you achieve your dream home. VPC can help you with any home renovation project, from complete home exterior makeovers to a small patio outback. 

Connect with VPC Builders today to begin your summer renovation journey!