Where to Begin with a Whole House Renovation

Dec 27, 2022 | Home Renovations, Residential Construction

There are a variety of reasons why you should put your home through a full-scale makeover. Most homeowners weren’t responsible for the planning and construction of the house they live in. You may not have had a say in the way your home looks and feels. More often than not, the reason a homeowner wants to renovate is not that they dislike the house but rather because they can see its full potential.

Perhaps your home is simply old and in desperate need of significant updates. Maybe your home has been damaged by the elements, and you know exactly how the repairs should look. Or you’ve always had big ideas for the future of your home and you’re finally beginning to wonder: Is a whole house renovation in the cards for me?

Should You Undertake a Whole House Renovation?

VPC Builders knows better than anyone that your dreams for your home are worth serious consideration. You may think a whole house renovation is just too much work, but you might be surprised by what you can accomplish with the right team at your back. 

If you are planning to undertake a whole house renovation, you’re probably wondering where to begin. Luckily, you’re not the first. Here are a few steps to get you started.

Establish Your Budget and Renovation Goals

As is the case with virtually any large-scale project, the first step is determining how much you are willing and able to spend. 

Draw up a working budget that includes all the costs associated with a whole house renovation, including materials, labor, and any additional expenses such as permits or inspections. Most importantly, consider your goals for the project: 

• How would you like your renovated home to look and feel? 

• What kind of additions and structural changes would you like to see? 

• What are the essential parts of your dream renovation, and what things are secondary?

Plan Your Whole House Renovation 

Now that you’ve established your budget and goals, it’s time to begin planning your whole house renovation in more detail. This typically involves the following: 

• Sketching out a floor plan

• Selecting materials and finishes

• Determining whether you need any structural changes 

It can be especially helpful to work with a designer and/or contractor to help you develop a plan that meets your needs and stays within your budget. Many of the decisions you make here will determine the needs of the following step.

Obtain the Necessary Permits

Here comes the part nobody wants to think about, but take heart! Many have gone before you and found success. 

Before you can begin your renovations, you will need to obtain the necessary permits from your local government. These may include building, electrical, or plumbing permits, depending on the scope of your renovation. If this sounds like a lot to consider, you’re right — the process can be complex. Luckily, the next step makes things a whole lot easier.

Get Your Contractor Involved

The best part about this step: you can put it at the front of the list! There’s no need to go through the process on your own. While traditional advice would have you save this step for the end of the planning phase, we here at VPC Builders believe that you should have the professional support and expert advice you need the whole way through. 

There’s a reason VPC Builders is a trusted part of the community of the North Carolina mountain region: we have the know-how on whole house renovations and beyond. Bring us your ideas, however outlandish they might seem, and we’ll be happy to help you iron out the details — everything from your budget to your plans to your permits. After all, we’ve done it countless times before. 

Whole House Renovation Made Easy with VPC Builders

You may have been holding off on your dreams of a whole house renovation for a long time, but with VPC Builders you don’t need to wait any longer. The expertise you need is right here, and home renovations have more options than ever before. So take your vision into your hands today! 

Want to learn more about how VPC Builders can make your whole home renovation a reality? Contact us today for a free consultation.