Differences in Commercial vs. Industrial Construction

Aug 13, 2022 | Commercial Construction

Commercial and industrial construction are two very different approaches to construction projects. Commercial construction works with for-profit business projects, while industrial construction works with things like manufacturing plants, refineries, and government buildings and projects. While both commercial and industrial buildings are large-scale, unlike residential construction, they both have very different requirements.

The Major Differences in Commercials vs. Industrial Construction

  • Layout
  • Permits
  • Framework Support
  • Location 

Differing building projects have differences that need to be noted. Various layouts, unique permits, specific structures, and intentional locations are all vital to the success of the construction’s purpose.

Varying Layouts

Because of their varying overarching purposes, commercial and industrial projects start in very different places. 

Commercial projects focus on service, foot traffic, and aesthetics, while industrial projects focus on manufacturing, distribution, and functionality. Commercial projects also focus on functionality; but, there is more of an emphasis on its appeal to the public through a shopping mall, retail stores, restaurants, or doctor offices. 

Contrarily, industrial projects prioritize efficiency and functionality in manufacturing and warehouse responsibilities.  

Getting Required Permits

Both commercial and industrial require permits to open after construction, but they need very different permits. Commercial projects need to confirm occupancy requirements for local guidelines. Industrial buildings must satisfy permit requirements of local, state, and federal firms.

Where Are Permits Obtained Through?

  • Commercial: Local authorities and zoning boards
  • Industrial: Local, state, and federal firms

The Importance of Framework Support

Because industrial construction projects are required to sustain heavy equipment and production, these sorts of projects require sturdier framework support with large scale installation. Commercial framework focuses solely on the basics of infrastructure support: plumbing, electricity, HVAC, and the needs of tenants. 

Location Matters

Commercial construction focuses on for-profit businesses; therefore, these construction sites will be near a town and easily accessible to residential areas. Project management also needs to take into account space for parking lots.

On the other hand, industrial structures don’t require proximity to the community but rather major highways and airports for distribution. Both types of projects require considering the scale of construction when determining location.

Explore Commercial and Industrial Projects

Many factors make commercial and industrial construction stand apart from each other. While both are large projects, neither one is the same. Being aware of these differences will help you succeed in your endeavors. 

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